To publish on the web, use the HTML code from the epub file, which will need minimal cleaning. To get the “raw” HTML from the epub file, go to and upload your epub. You get a zip file back, which you need to unzip:

All we are interested in is the index.htm file, which is all the merged chapters of the book in a single file. Delete the headers and footers like this:

It is good practice to remove instances like class=“calibre4”, class=“calibre1” with a simple mass “find and replace”, though not strictly necessary.

The main thing is to make the code suitable to be pasted directly into Joomla/Wordpress (source view), so adjust accordingly. The online converter preserves a usable Table of Contents as long as you have a proper one in the original epub file, and you may have to delete some <nav> tags and change the <ol> tags to <ul>.

For the cover image (intro image in Joomla), you will likely need to modify your book cover to a landscape format rather than portrait. This is easily done in Adobe Spark (resize to something like 1080×500 px and move the elements around).